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At we recommend that you treat yourself to a nice holiday in Stockholm with friends and family. Stockholm is an amazing city to visit for a long weekend and you will find great hotel offers.

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Things to see in Stockholm

Stockholm is situated in the most beautiful surroundings right by the Baltic Ocean and is crowded with a lot of old buildings that sets the scene for a very unique experience. You can reach all the city's interesting trademark on foot, and this is definitely the best way to capture the atmosphere of the city. However, it is also recommendable to take a boat trip in the beautiful and unique archipelago (rocky seafront) that surrounds the city.

Shopping in Stockholm

Besides being a very beautiful city Stockholm is also an international city, with all that implies. There is ample opportunity to shop all the well-known brands, or to discover all the many new and talented designers.

Restaurants and culture in Stockholm

The city also offers many up-scale restaurants, and exciting hotels of very high standard. Stockholm is also known for a varied and interesting cultural life with an internationally recognised music scene and vibrant clubbing culture and of course many interesting museums.



Popular areas in Stockholm

At you will find hotels in every area of Stockholm and near Stockholm's most famous sights like:

Gamla Stan


Stortorget Stockholm

Stockholm Central Station

Arlanda airport