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Guide to Middelfart

Thanks to its beautiful coastal setting and central location, Middelfart is the ideal place to spend a holiday or hold a conference. The town even boasts several of the country's best hotels and facilities. Enjoy Middelfart's beautiful marina by the sound of Fænøsund and the town's rich cultural life including concerts and a wide selection of exciting activities.
Middelfart (Funen)


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Viaduktvej 28 , 5500 Middelfart


Hotel Park - Middelfart
Hotel Park is located in the very town center of Middelfart . Having undergone a complete transformation this former hospital, from 1916 will open on 27 January 2009. The hotel will have 108 bedrooms along with conference facilities up to 160 people.
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Airport, 50 km. 

Havnegade 69 , 5500 Middelfart


Hotel Borgmestergaarden
Hotel BorgmestergaardenRight in the centre of Middelfart, close to Old Harbour and The CultureIsland, you will find Hotel Borgmestergaarden. It contains 12 hotel- and holiday-apartments. Choose between rooms, suites or apartments for 1 - 6 persons. Most of the...
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Airport, 50 km.  Towncenter, 0 km.  Beach, 2 km. 

Karensmindevej 3 , 5500 Middelfart


Comwell Middelfart
Close to the E20 motorway and the bridge over the Little Belt, Comwell Middelfart is centrally located in a beautiful natural setting. Comwell Middelfart offers all possible facilities, and our flexible, enthusiastic and professional staff are always at your service....
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Airport, 50 km.  Towncenter, 3 km.  Beach, 6 km. 

Hindsgavl Allé 7 , 5500 Middelfart


Hindsgavl Slot
The history of Castle Hindsgavl goes all the way back to the 12th Century, and the name Hindsgavl was mentioned for the first time in the Danish register of manors and estates by King Valdemar II in 1231 AD. Castle Hindsgavl is a modern business focussing on quality,...
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Airport, 55 km.  Towncenter, 2 km.  Beach, 0 km. 

Oddevejen 8 , 5500 Middelfart


Fænø Park
Fænø Park is located near the sparkling blue Little Belt directly out to Fænøsund and in the middle of the lush Funen orchards.Besides being located next to the grand natural animal park of Hindsgavl, we also have a large green park area with a.o. a playground, a...
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Airport, 57 km.  Towncenter, 2 km.  Beach, 0 km. 

Kongebrovej 63 , 5500 Middelfart


Comwell Kongebrogaarden
Hotel, directly facing the waterfront of Lillebaelt. A calm location of scenic beauty surrounded by sea and woodland. Several attractions within easy reach, e.g. the house of Hans Christian Andersen, Legoland and Egeskov castle, also there are 16 very varied golf...
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Airport, 60 km.  Beach, 0 km. 

Skovsvinget 25 , 5500 Middelfart


Welcome to Severin Kursuscenter
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Airport, 30 km.  Towncenter, 6 km.  Beach, 0 km. 

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