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Fjerritslev (North Jutland)


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Toftebjerg Allé 6 , 9670 Løgstør


Løgstør Parkhotel
Løgstør Parkhotel
Reviewed by: 3
Airport, 45 km.  Beach, 3 km. 

Slettestrandvej 88 , 9690 Fjerritslev


Sanden Bjerggaard Hotel & Kursuscenter
Hotel Sanden Bjerggaard.Originally built as a holiday home in 1918 and used as hotel from 1964.The hotel has modernized in 2012 into "a hotel a little more like Danish seaside hotel" style. The atmosphere is warm and homey.The restaurants and most of the...
Reviewed by: 1
Airport, 35 km.  Beach, 1 km. 

Klim Strandvej 156 , 9690 Fjerritslev


Hotel og Restaurant Klim Bjerg
Hotel and Restaurant Klim Bjerg is a place for nature lovers who will enjoy a stay with the atmosphere, peace and tranquility. There are good hiking trails in the woods and dunes and the hill offers a panoramic view over the North Sea.The hotel was established in 1970,...
Airport, 46 km.  Towncenter, 8 km.  Beach, 2 km. 

Kystvejen 25 , 9690 Fjerritslev


Rønnes Hotel
Rønnes Hotel is situated near Slettestrand in the Northern part of Jutland. From the Hotel you will only need to walk a few hundred meters to visit one of the most beautiful and attractive beaches in Denmark. The hotel has three modern sections with large, comfortable...
Reviewed by: 5
Airport, 45 km.  Beach, 1 km. 

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