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Guide to Faaborg

Discover the beautiful countryside of Southern Funen, the Svanninge hills and the many attractions and historical sights, and stay in one of Faaborg's great hotels. Enjoy a culinary journey at one the town's many restaurants and discover wonderful local cuisine. Or visit the modern marina, home to the Danish sailing elite and a centre for contemporary sailing technology welcoming 14,000 sailing visitors a year.
Faaborg (Funen)


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Svendborgvej 175 , 5600 Faaborg


Hotel Faaborg Fjord
Welcome to Hotel Faaborg Fjord. The hotel is situated in the beautiful countryside of South Funen, right in the centre of many exciting experiences and only 2 hours drive from Copenhagen. The arrangement of the hotel is a harmonious mixture of light and cheerful...
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Airport, 130 km.  Beach, 0 km. 

Christian IX's Vej 31 , 5600 Faaborg


Færgegaarden, Hotel
Welcome to Hotel Færgegaarden Faaborg. Founded in 1229. Faaborg is one of the oldest provincial towns in Denmark. The medieval bell-tower soars above the many walls and red tile roofs. The town turns its smiling Funen face towards the sea and the South Funen...
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Airport, 150 km.  Towncenter, 0 km.  Beach, 0 km. 

Søren Lundsvej 20 Horne, 5600 Faaborg

Bed and breakfast

Our beautiful Bed & Breakfast is an old rebuilt farm, one of the barns is more than 200 years old.Lundsgaard is situated in the small peaceful village Horne, facing an old round church (the only round church on Funen). It is situated close to the sea, only a few steps...
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Airport, 135 km.  Towncenter, 0 km.  Beach, 3 km. 

Torvet 13 , 5600 Faaborg


Hotel Faaborg
Since 1916 Hotel Faaborg has existed at the market place in Faaborg. Set in an old and beatifullly renovated building its 22 rooms are each fitted with washroom and bath and TV.
Reviewed by: 17
Airport, 150 km.  Towncenter, 0 km.  Beach, 1 km. 

Hvedholm Slot 1 , 5600 Faaborg


Hvedholm Slot
Hvedholm Slot is situated in South Funen on the outskirts of Faaborg with a beautiful view over the town, from where you can explore the multitude of islands in the archipelago. The area also bears the name "Denmark's Garden", and is known for its...
Reviewed by: 79
Airport, 150 km.  Towncenter, 5 km.  Beach, 3 km. 

Torvegade 10 , 5600 Faaborg


Faaborg Byferie
Faaborg Town Holiday are small apartments in the town square of Faaborg. The apartments are rated as three star hotels including television, Internet, fully equipped kichenette and refrigerator. A tasteful bathroom, made-up beds, closed car parking and 24-hour watch....
Reviewed by: 9
Airport, 140 km.  Towncenter, 0 km.  Beach, 1 km. 

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