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Guide to Esbjerg

Esbjerg is the fifth largest city in Denmark and a fairly young city too – its history dates no further back than 1868 when the city was founded along with its seaport.

The Southwest Jutland seaport city of Esbjerg is an exciting, vibrant place with a rich art and cultural life, a charming city centre with plenty of shopping opportunities and cafés to offer. Esbjerg is also a central link between the mainland and the many oil rigs situated in the North Sea off the coast of western Jutland.

Esbjerg is surrounded by many great nature areas like the North Sea coast and the Wadden Sea where visitors can experience spectacular starling murmurations in the autumn when millions of birds congregate and and fill the sky at sunset.

Esbjerg is accessible by train, bus, car or boat from Harwich in England. The E20 motorway has direct access to Esbjerg, and regional as well as national train lines terminate in the city centre. Esbjerg Airport has flights from Aberdeen, Bergen and Stavanger. To get to Esbjerg by plane from other airports, it is easiest to fly to Billund Airport, which has national as well as international flights.

Discover Music Hall Esbjerg, the monument Man meets the sea, Fisheries and Maritime Museum, Esbjerg Art Museum and the venue Tobakken.
Esbjerg (South Jutland)


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Strandpromenaden 1 , 6710 Esbjerg V


Hjerting Badehotel
Hjerting Badehotel is a first class hotel - only 9 km from the centre of Esbjerg - situated in a very beautiful area right next to a child friendly beach. A good starting point for many activities such as golf, windsurfing, a trip to Legoland and nice walks a long the...
Reviewed by: 5
Airport, 13 km.  Towncenter, 9 km.  Beach, 0 km. 

Torvegade 24 , 6700 Esbjerg


Hotel Britannia
The down town destination for knowing travellers and natives alike. Situated in the heart of Esbjerg on the popular Market Square, a few minutes walk from Utzons architecturally spectacular Performing Arts Centre and the longest shopping precinct in Denmark. Britannia...
Reviewed by: 7
Airport, 55 km.  Towncenter, 0 km.  Beach, 7 km. 

Skolegade 36 , 6700 Esbjerg


Hotel Ansgar Esbjerg
A town hotel dating back more than 100 years. Hotel Ansgar has been carefully renovated in stages with considerable respect for the character of the Building. We create an inviting atmosphere for our guests, with those wanting to relax in the lounge always able to...
Reviewed by: 2
Airport, 55 km.  Towncenter, 0 km.  Beach, 3 km. 

Skolegade 14 , 6700 Esbjerg


CABINN Esbjerg
3 star newly charming hotel, situated in the middle og Esbjerg. 150 comfortable rooms, reasonable at price, all equipped with toilet, bath, telephone, television, free internet access, Pay television and minicafé with coffee og tea free of charge.
Reviewed by: 10
Airport, 45 km.  Towncenter, 0 km.  Beach, 7 km. 

Strandbygade 3 , 6700 Esbjerg


Scandic Olympic Esbjerg
Scandic Olympic is located in central Esbjerg on Denmark's west coast. During your stay in the hotel's comfortable rooms you can explore Esbjerg harbor and nearby attractions, such as the Fisheries and Maritime Museum, Esbjerg Art Museum, Esbjerg Concert Hall...
Reviewed by: 2
Airport, 50 km.  Towncenter, 0 km.  Beach, 10 km. 

Gl. Vardevej 80 , 6700 Esbjerg


Danhostel Esbjerg
DANHOSTEL Esbjerg is located in beautiful surroundings within walking distance of the town and within 100 metres of the swimming stadium, Svømmestadion Danmark, and the town's other sports facilities. Esbjerg offers many possibilities, for example a new concert...
Reviewed by: 5

Stormgade 200 , 6700 Esbjerg


ECH Park
ECH Park is a course and conference centre with modern facilities for every event - also international.

Situated in area of natural beauty close to the city centre.

All rooms have private bath, toilet and TV. Towels and bedlinen are included.
Reviewed by: 3
Airport, 45 km.  Towncenter, 2 km.  Beach, 3 km. 

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