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Treat yourself to a romantic getaway to Berlin or bring your friends or family for a weekend of fun. Right now you will find very attractive hotel offers.

Berlin is a fantastic city to visit for an extended weekend and will certainly leave you with renewed energy. In Berlin, you can expect a different experience and different culture. Berlin remains a city in development and wherever you go you will see the traces of a turbulent and interesting past.

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Historic Berlin

If you are historically interested, there are several opportunities to dive into the history of Berlin at the many museums as well as in the streets. Everywhere you will find references to World War II and the Cold War. I.e. you will feel the Berlin Walls intimidating effect and impact along the more than one kilometre long route, which is still maintained and stands witness to Berlins frightening past.

Art and culture in Berlin

In Berlin you will find a lot of graffiti and street art. The so-called street art can be found anywhere in the city, which bubbles of creativity and artistic activity. Berlin offers a wide variety of music events and concerts at the many exciting venues and clubs around the city. At night the city offers a vibrant nightlife.

Shopping and relaxing in Berlin

If you seek a more quiet and relaxing holiday; there is plenty to do and see during the day. In Berlin there are a lot of cosy cafés and lots of shopping areas where you will find all the well-known fashion brands as well as local art shops, clothing stores, music shops and various speciality stores.


Popular areas in Berlin

At you will find hotels in every area of Berlin and near Berlin's most famous sights like:


The Reichstag

Berlin Congress Center

Tegel airport

Mitte (city centre)

CheckPoint Charlie

Brandenburger Tor

Unter den Linden

Potsdamer Platz