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Amsterdam is the capital of Holland although neither the government nor the Parliament are based there. These are both in Hague, the third largest city in Holland.

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Amsterdam is a city of bikes. You can rent one and do like the locals, using the bike as a means of transport. It is easy, fast, environmentally friendly and healthy – and an excellent way of experiencing the city.

Amsterdam is famous for its red Light District and so-called coffee shops where cannabis is sold legally. But the city has plenty of other attractions to recommend it such as its many museums including the Rijksmuseum, the Rembrandt Museum , the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank's house.

The network of canals that dominates Amsterdam today was constructed as a part of overall urban planning starting as early as the 18th Century. The inner canals frame the city centre and the outer served as a defence for the city and a means to control the water level. A walk or a bike ride along one of the cosy canal streets is the best way to experience the unique atmosphere of the city.

In Amsterdam, you can eat at one of the local cafés or find an international restaurant offering anything from French over Italian to Asian cuisine.

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Anne Franks House

Amsterdam Flower Market

Royal Palace

Van Gogh Museum

Rembrandts House

Heineken Music Hall

Amsterdam Central Station

Schiphol Airport